NUTRISHOP® Rolls Out New ‘Before-Bed’ Protein Supplement

NUTRISHOP® Rolls Out New ‘Before-Bed’ Protein Supplement

CASEIN by EVOchem Nutrition® debuts this week in three delicious flavors 

HENDERSON, Nev., March 4, 2021 – NUTRISHOP®, a national retail nutrition franchise specializing in nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, weight loss and wellness, today announced the launch of CASEIN by EVOchem Nutrition®. Debuting in three delicious flavors – Chocolate Coconut, Cinnamon Apple, and Vanilla Sweet Cream – CASEIN is available exclusively at and NUTRISHOP stores nationwide.

'I’ve always known how great the benefits of casein protein are, but I could not get past how so many casein products on the market tasted until now!' said NUTRISHOP co-founder Tania McLendon, who is currently adding CASEIN to her supplement staples. 'These three new flavors of CASEIN are amazing!”

For those who are new to casein protein supplementation, getting a product that has a great-tasting flavor option has been a challenge for many over the years. The flavor creators at EVOchem slaved over creating three mouth-watering flavors and getting them just right, with that perfect bit of sweetness mixed with incredible, spot-on taste. Some who’ve sampled CASEIN before it debuted this week are already saying it’s the perfect treat to satiate your sweet tooth because the flavors are just that good.

“This is going to be my new night-time treat before bed,” said Madison Avedikian. “The only problem is, choosing which one I want! They all taste so good!”

Beyond its flavoring, CASEIN delivers 27g of 100%-micellar casein per serving with only 3g of carbohydrates and 1g of fat. Casein, in general, is a slow-digesting – some would call it a “time-released” – protein source. Because of this, many consider casein a great option to take before bed or any other time they might be going several hours without food or protein. Additionally, casein is considered a complete source of protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids to help support muscle growth and repair.

CASEIN by EVOchem is the newest addition to NUTRISHOP’s exclusive protein lineup, which includes Vitasport® PRO7EIN Synthesis™, Trailhead Nutrition® Modern Source Plant-Based Protein and Multi-Source Collagen Peptides, FORZAONE Performance Nutrition® Forza Pro™, and many others. This is the first time NUTRISHOP has offered an exclusive casein protein powder formulation.

“We realized we needed to fill a void in our protein lineup, and together with EVOchem, we’re excited to be able to deliver this exclusively to our customers,” said Bryon McLendon, founder and CEO of NUTRISHOP. “We’re betting this will become the go-to ‘before-bed’ protein for many of our customers.”

CASEIN provides a highly convenient way to get a protein source with a slow absorption rate on a nightly basis for those looking to increase their protein intake and help support their efforts in the gym. Those who aren't sure if CASEIN or any other protein supplement is right for them or want to learn more are invited to speak with an experienced nutrition consultant at their local NUTRISHOP store.

Since 2003, NUTRISHOP has helped countless individuals live a fit, healthy, happy lifestyle. NUTRISHOP stores offer customers a low-price guarantee on a wide array of cutting-edge dietary supplements along with exceptional, individualized customer service, easy-to-follow meal plans, body composition assessment tools, and sound nutritional guidance. The NUTRISHOP business model focuses primarily on franchisee-owned and operated stores that provide consumers with the tools required to achieve their health and fitness goals. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram @NutrishopUSA.

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