The Easy Way To Reach Your Goals

The Easy Way To Reach Your Goals

ONE thing you can do this year to help you KEEP your fitness-related New Year's Resolutions!
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Do you find yourself always making the same New Year's resolution to get into better shape year after year and wonder WHY it doesn't stick? 

Being a certified personal trainer for almost 14 years, I see it happen every year and it's no wonder why people quit. Come January 1st, the gyms get packed and people go from 0-60! They go from being sedentary to now working out 5-6 days/week for hours and decide to cut out carbs, sugar and take their calories dangerously low because they THINK that's how they're going to lose weight. This recipe for "success" is short-lived and it's no wonder why, they're miserable! Their bodies are sore, they're hungry and a couple weeks to a month later, they quit on their fitness goals for yet, another year. 

If you've already fizzled out or are starting to fizzle out with your NY's resolutions to get in the best shape of your life, don't fret. The number one thing you can do that will guarantee you long-term results is simple: BABY STEPS! If you've been sedentary for eight months, join a gym and start with two to three 15-20-minute workouts per week. When you feel stronger, add another day or extend your workout duration/intensity. 

This goes for your nutrition as well. Start with small changes like drinking more water, adding in veggies to every meal, and being more mindful of portion sizes. Making these small adjustments over a period of time adds up, and you'll start noticing how much better you feel AND how you look. 

Consistency is key, and being consistent with small changes will pay off in the long run. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. It didn't take you 4, 6, or 8 weeks to put the weight on, so it definitely won't take that amount of time to lose it. 

So if are serious about reaching your goals in 2023, ditch the "all or nothing" mentality and focus instead on taking small baby steps each day. This will be a much healthier way, mentally and physically, to reach your health goals AND maintain them happily ALL YEAR ROUND! 

About the Author: Kimberly Lynn is a certified personal trainer of over 13 years, who owns SWEAT Bootcamp in Rio Rancho, NM, and the online training website, Her specialties and variety in training styles include dance, HIIT, kickboxing and step-aerobic strength, and more. Her programming is results-driven and FUN! Follow Kimberly Lynn on Instagram: @kimberly_sweatfitness